The Castle Combe Karting Championship is Wiltshire’s Premier Rental Karting Championship, run by Drive-Tech Ltd. The Championship is run over 8 rounds throughout the year with the best 6 to count. It costs £47 per round and you do not need any previous experience to enter and anybody aged 15 or over can participate. 

Get a look at some of the action from a previous Championship!

The championship uses all of our own karts and we provide helmets, suits and gloves so all you have to do is turn up on the day and drive! If you have your own racing kit you are more than welcome to use it. The championship has a good mix of drivers from ultra-competitive to people just having a bit of fun. The grids for the heats are mixed up where everyone will get to start at the front, middle and back through their 4 heats and each race will be against different people, so everybody has a really good chance of getting decent results. At the end of the heats every driver takes part in a final with drivers who have had similar results in the heats. The top 2 drivers in each final will progress into the next final.

Everyone is more than welcome to compete in just one round to give it a go and see how they get on and hopefully we’ll see them come back for more! For more information on activities Drive-Tech have to offer visit: 

The first round of the 2020 Castle Combe Karting Championship took place on Saturday 22nd February.

There is a maximum number of 48 entries, so make sure you book in plenty of time!

To book your place into a round of the championship,
call our Team on: 01249 783 010 or for more information email us at:

2020 Championship Dates: 

Round 1: Saturday 22nd February – 1.00pm
Round 2: Sunday 26th July – 1.30pm
Round 3: Saturday 15th August – 9.30am
Round 4: Saturday 15th August – 1.30pm
Round 5: Saturday 19th September – 9.00am
Round 6: Sunday 11th October – 9.30am
Round 7: Sunday 11th October – 1.30pm
Round 8: Saturday 19th December – 1.00pm

Round Information

Each round will consist of:


4 Heats per driver,

1 Final per driver – Grid positions decided by points scored during heats and if there is a tie on points the grid positions will by decided by fastest lap times.

The Final with the lowest point scorers will take place first and the top 2 drivers in each final will progress onto the back of the next final. Trophies are awarded to the top 3 in the A Final.

Championship Information

Championship Points will be awarded based on overall position in the event.
1st: 50 points 2nd: 48 Points 3rd: 46 Points 4th: 45 Points 5th: 44 Points 6th: 43 Points
Continuing to reduce by 1 point until 48th: 1 Point. 3rd place in the B-F Finals will be classified as the place below last place in the following Final. Example: If there are 10 Drivers in the A Final, 3rd place in the B Final will finish 11th in the days Event.

The total Championship Points are decided by your 6 highest scores and the person with the 6 highest scores will be crowned The 2020 Castle Combe Karting Champion.

The 2020 Champion will win free entry into the 2021 British Rental Kart Championship (BRKC). The BRKC is the premier rental kart championship in the UK and the Castle Combe Karting Championship is a great stepping stone and not to mention cheap!

There is also a Master’s Trophy for the highest place Over 40’s driver at the end of the championship. To be Eligible to compete for this trophy you have to be aged 40 or over on the 1st January 2020.

For more Information about the BRKC check out their website here: